Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Good Life


So, I was innocently wondering around the hotel looking for something to eat that was not pizza and I come back (banana and cereal in hand) to find that Sammy has turned our room into a TV studio. She is still mad that I stuck her in a suitcase for our whole flight here (sorry Sammy) but she shouldn't be that mad because I took her to the pool today along with Cauli!

I got to the hotel with no issues at all. Am meeting librarians left and right. So far I've met Penny, Erin, and Jennifer by name. After getting lunch at a close restaurant I decided to take it very easy today and get settled into my room (our room if you count my feathered and feline friends...don't worry...they aren't sleeping near each other) and then hang out at the pool. Kate, I got all my ordering caught up. Expect a deluge of Publisher's Weekly's when I get back!

Tomorrow AM I'm doing 4 miles (it's safe Dad, I check with the concierge) to make it to the closest grocery store so I can stock my fridge with food that isn't pizza then after that it's get ready for the convention! I'm hoping to be at the convention center by 8 to get registered and all set for my first preconference event, the Unconference. After that, it's a session on Summer Reading and then the exhibits open! I'm actually kind of scared of the exhibit hall. It seems like a jungle.

Enjoyed seeing the statue of John Wayne at the airport and boy did I love seeing mountains from the plane!

More (library related) updates coming tomorrow!  Hopefully I'll get Sammy's video uploaded tomorrow too.  It wasn't playing nice today.

By the way, the Disneyland Fireworks are very spectacular, but not when you are trying to sleep...


  1. Glad things are going well! Hope you accomplish lots of library related things today. I have a craving for food that is pizza for some reason.

  2. And I have just eaten an apple!

  3. I had pizza yesterday! Got to splurge sometime!